Because a blog post doesn’t have to be serious…

 …sometimes, it’s just a case of “I’m really into this right now, so I’m going to inflict it on everybody else!”

I’m pretty smug when it comes to my taste in music (not sure if anyone’s noticed). I am wholeheartedly in love with Brontide, who no-one’s heard of, I’ve been to a [very, very drizzly] post-rock festival, and about ten minutes ago I listened to all eight minutes of Led Zeppelin’s Kashmir. But I do have a bit of a thing – and I won’t say ‘guilty pleasure’, because life is too short to feel guilty about the things that give you pleasure – for late nineties and early 2000s pop.

Such as this prime example. Oh, the acoustic guitars. The harmonies. The spiky hair. The smily boys. The implausibly clean-looking station.

And this. A slightly moodier version of the above, and it looks like a Jack Wills promo video. I still fancy boys who have curtains and who layer short-sleeved t-shirts over long-sleeved ones. And that wobbly, overwrought “I can’t get over YEW, baby!” Take it away, boys.

A personal favourite is this one. I have this on my iPod, and still listen to it at least once a week. Again, we’ve got those acoustic rhythm guitars and incredibly flimsy lyrics. The video itself is kind of dreamy and a little bit soft-focus, and Jennifer Paige is a) wearing clothes, and b) styled in a way that is so typically late-nineties it hurts. The denim jacket over the baby blue, Calvin Klein-esque dress. The choppy haircut. The “natural” make-up. I’m just going to dissolve into a puddle of nostalgia, I’ll catch you guys up.

And who didn’t love this song? At least the first 492 times it was played on the radio in 1997, anyway. Once again, it’s all a bit dreamy, and once again, our singer has a bob that’s less “choppy” and more “Edward Scissorhands is my stylist, what of it?” She’s also rocking a floaty-dress-and-boots combination that I quite like.

And, the video that actually sparked this post – it’s one of my all-time favourite songs and I will always love her – this one, from 2001. I revisited this video while writing about Michelle Branch for something else (codename: The Other Project), and it made me laugh out loud, because suddenly I was eleven again, and just starting to learn the guitar, and music was The Most Important Thing In The World.

There’s the bootcut jeans, and the top with the cut-off sleeves. The impeccably straightened, layered hair. The Lust Object with his shirt unbuttoned over his vest thing. A lot of moody shots of Michelle, as she plays guitar like she means it, and sways slightly, because the video director is telling her she has to move a bit – she’s a female pop star, she can’t just stand there and play her instrument. The requisite party scene, where people are jumping up and down for no apparent reason. We’ve also got people standing in front of a backdrop of trees for no apparent reason. Upon spotting her mystery man, she legs it downstairs to try and find him. But alas, she has to return home alone – clearly pissed off that stalking him and noting his every move hasn’t worked – but would you look at that? He’s in her living room.

There’s no way I can end this post with a meaningful line, so I’m not even going to try.

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