Things I would like to see happen in 2015

1) For the media to stop giving Katie Hopkins the column space. Like a fight outside a pub, they need to just leave it, because it’s not worth it.

2) For the media to also stop asking famous people whether they’re feminists or not, like they’re compiling an international register. It’s getting really boring, and it’s also putting me off people. I don’t really need to know whether or not the woman who plays Penny in the Big Bang Theory is a feminist.

Because the thing is, if you treat something like it’s a Massively Divisive Issue, then it never becomes anything other than a Massively Divisive Issue. Why don’t we just assume that everyone is strongly pro “women having equal rights” and “women being perfectly capable of making the decisions that are best for them”, and so on? Of course, we know that not everyone is, but if we all start acting like it’s the absolute norm to be Strident Feminists, eventually the non-feminist types will start to feel like the freaks.We can hope.

3) A distint lack of naked photo “scandals”. Taking photos of yourself sans clothing, to share with a partner, is not a crime. It is a very normal thing to do – the first thing humans drew, with pebbles on cliff walls, were other naked humans (probably) – and let’s face it, we’re never going to be any younger or more attractive than we are right now, right this second. Making naked photos of someone who isn’t you and hasn’t consented available online is a crime. It’s hardly PhD-level astrophysics to not be a tremendous jerk.

4) More excellent TV programmes with badass female leads, a la Carrie from Homeland. I want a female House, a lady Sherlock, a woman version of Rust from True Detective.

5) A complete overhaul of the current political system, please. (I never said these were going to be realistic goals.) I would like people who’ve had real jobs doing the nation’s admin; people who know what works when it comes to education, healthcare, energy, transport – and/or who are prepared to listen to those who do know.

6) More women on TV. Fucking. Panel. Shows. Again, it’s not hard.

7) For up-and-coming writers, musicians, artists, and all other creative types to support each other, help each other out, promote each other’s work. I just think it’s important. Good karma and whatnot.

8) For fewer judgemental bloody think-pieces on things like cereal cafes and Russell Brand.

9) The complete disappearance of clickbait and “listicles” (irony acknowledged).

Happy New Year!

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