The Sunday Seven: 12/06/16

I’ve listened to U Kill Me , the title track from the new Flight Brigade EP, I-can’t-tell-you-how-many-times and I’m still no more able to describe it than I was at first listen. It’s got Flight Brigade’s folk-rock bones, their exquisite knack for melody and their trademark layer of strings. But in U Kill Me, the band reaches a… Continue reading The Sunday Seven: 12/06/16

Good reads and good feeds

The last week or so has involved a hefty amount of my two favourite things – good food and good books. Drummer Boy and I made our regular pilgrimage to Bristol to celebrate another year of tolerating each other – which we do by eating and drinking a lot, and allowing ourselves one moment of… Continue reading Good reads and good feeds

From Bristol with love

I took this. Or: “Naughty Badger’s* step-by-step guide to an awesome couple of days away”. *Not sure if I’ve explained this nickname. It’s not as deviant as it sounds, unfortunately. Step one: Set off alarmingly early, because your significant other needs to renew their railcard and is confident that this can be done at the… Continue reading From Bristol with love