The problem with Joe

I am thoroughly enjoying the amount of commotion being generated by Netflix series You. Mostly because, in insufferable hipster fashion, I read the book when it came out in 2014 and was obsessed with it for a full summer. At the time, I hadn’t read anything like it – a novel about a creepy, obsessive, murderous loner… Continue reading The problem with Joe

The Sunday Seven: book nerd edition, 22/05/2016

“Reasons to stay alive?” Drummer Boy peered at me with concern when he noticed what I was reading a few days ago. “Are you… OK? Anything we need to talk about?” With a rather emo title, and fairly weighty subject matter, you’d expect Reasons To Stay Alive by Brighton-based author Matt Haig to be rather… Continue reading The Sunday Seven: book nerd edition, 22/05/2016

The Monday Seven: 29/02/16

It would have been the Sunday Seven but I had a filthy cold all weekend and so forming coherent thoughts through the snot and sinus pain was a little difficult. Never work in an office, they’re full of people, and people have germs. Before we had Caitlin Moran to make us laugh about the absurdities… Continue reading The Monday Seven: 29/02/16