Live to work/work to live – part two

To my immense surprise, Part One of this rather rambling rant went down well, so thank you so much to everyone who liked it, commented, sent me messages and suggested further reading – I really appreciate it, and I can’t tell you how utterly lovely it is when people seem to get properly involved with… Continue reading Live to work/work to live – part two

On the Penguin Random House Decision

Last week, it was announced that publishing giant Penguin Random House will no longer require candidates for new jobs to have degrees – a move that seemed to be greeted all round as good news. Well, I hate to be a Negative Nelly, but I’m not convinced it’s really all that. It’s a positive move… Continue reading On the Penguin Random House Decision

Strange situation

It’s hard to write about looking for a job in 2015 without sounding a) more than a touch defeatist, and b) like a whiny “millennial” with a raging sense of entitlement. The trouble is, the whole job-seeking process – from firing off application after application, to the cold-sweat awkwardness of interviews – is the most… Continue reading Strange situation

On being stupid and right

Because you can be both, I’m told. So, I’ll cut to the chase, no faffing. This week, I got offered a job. Full-time, slightly more money than I was expecting, at a tiny company about a twenty-minute train journey away – tick, tick, tick. I didn’t mean to get the job (“well, fuck you and… Continue reading On being stupid and right