Failure of imagination

On the train back to Brighton on Thursday night (after one of the loveliest evenings I’ve had in ages), I found myself thinking about the current refugee crisis and trying to imagine the circumstances that might drive me to leave my home, with only the barest of essentials, and undertake a terrifying, life-endangering journey to… Continue reading Failure of imagination

A list of things that learning to run has taught me about life

There are two kinds of people in this world: those who can’t sit still, and those who love nothing more than sitting still. I am firmly in the latter camp. All my favourite things involve sitting down: reading, writing, eating cheese, drinking a wide variety of alcoholic beverages, watching The Thick Of It or Parks… Continue reading A list of things that learning to run has taught me about life

Good reads and good feeds

The last week or so has involved a hefty amount of my two favourite things – good food and good books. Drummer Boy and I made our regular pilgrimage to Bristol to celebrate another year of tolerating each other – which we do by eating and drinking a lot, and allowing ourselves one moment of… Continue reading Good reads and good feeds

Eat, drink and be merry

This was an amazing dinner. Food guilt? What food guilt? Can everyone stop wanging on about ‘clean eating’ please? (When I say ‘everyone’, the people who’ll know who I’m referring to will be the people – probably women, yes – who, like me, spend their internet time flitting between Twitter, the Guardian, and Instagram. No,… Continue reading Eat, drink and be merry

Strange situation

It’s hard to write about looking for a job in 2015 without sounding a) more than a touch defeatist, and b) like a whiny “millennial” with a raging sense of entitlement. The trouble is, the whole job-seeking process – from firing off application after application, to the cold-sweat awkwardness of interviews – is the most… Continue reading Strange situation

Not another remake

  Why they can’t remake Little Women (for the hexillionth time)… So, rumour is beginning to have it that there’s going to be a remake of Little Women, which, as you  know, is one of my all-time favourite stories. I am embarrassingly passionate about the tale. I used to re-read it every winter – it’s… Continue reading Not another remake

Pointless nostalgic

Bristol’s Wills Memorial Building. I didn’t even go there, I just have a lot of feelings. If I needed yet another reminder that I’m no longer a teenager – but instead a half-fledged adult with a full-time job and a pension plan – well, this week, I got it. So smug have I been for… Continue reading Pointless nostalgic

Beer and cheese: on moving in together

I finally have my own kitchen, cluttered and temporary though it may be. So Drummer Boy and I have sort of moved in together. Not properly – we’re looking after his grandparents’ house (as they are sadly both in a care home now) while decisions are made about what becomes of the property. The house… Continue reading Beer and cheese: on moving in together