Can we talk about money?

I’ve written before about my obsession with Refinery29’s ‘Money Diaries’ series and I genuinely look forward to reading the latest one every Wednesday. If I’m honest, however, I only pay close attention to the ones where the writer is earning close to – but ideally less than – my own salary. Reading the financial comings-and-goings… Continue reading Can we talk about money?

Strange situation

It’s hard to write about looking for a job in 2015 without sounding a) more than a touch defeatist, and b) like a whiny “millennial” with a raging sense of entitlement. The trouble is, the whole job-seeking process – from firing off application after application, to the cold-sweat awkwardness of interviews – is the most… Continue reading Strange situation

On being stupid and right

Because you can be both, I’m told. So, I’ll cut to the chase, no faffing. This week, I got offered a job. Full-time, slightly more money than I was expecting, at a tiny company about a twenty-minute train journey away – tick, tick, tick. I didn’t mean to get the job (“well, fuck you and… Continue reading On being stupid and right