The Saturday Six: fighting the Anxiety Goblin

It’s been another anxious week or two – panic curling its fingers round my neck at unexpected times: on the train to work, at my desk, standing in the flat talking to Drummer Boy. It’s like living with a goblin (the anxiety, not DB) – a horrid little creature that likes to pop up just… Continue reading The Saturday Six: fighting the Anxiety Goblin

The Sunday Seven: 12/06/16

I’ve listened to U Kill Me , the title track from the new Flight Brigade EP, I-can’t-tell-you-how-many-times and I’m still no more able to describe it than I was at first listen. It’s got Flight Brigade’s folk-rock bones, their exquisite knack for melody and their trademark layer of strings. But in U Kill Me, the band reaches a… Continue reading The Sunday Seven: 12/06/16

Advice I’m not qualified to give, but am giving anyway

Or, “stuff I wish I’d known sooner – not that I would have listened, in the event of actually being told”. My sister officially became a teenager last Sunday. I say “officially” – emotionally, she’s been one for about the last four months. It’s come as quite a shock to my mother: “she doesn’t talk… Continue reading Advice I’m not qualified to give, but am giving anyway

I’m not crazy, I swear.

A few months ago, I nearly died at East Croydon station. I didn’t really, but as opening lines go, that’s not half-bad, is it? With the juxtaposition of melodrama and utter banality – yeah, yeah, English students die hard and whatnot; I’ll get on with it. I thought I was going to die. For perhaps… Continue reading I’m not crazy, I swear.