Sunday Stuff, 13/08/17

The Beguiled If someone asked me to describe my dream film, in theory, The Beguiled would be it. A predominantly-female cast? Check. Southern Gothic, Southern accents? Check check. An Irish rogue played by Hollywood’s go-to guy for Irish rogues, Colin Farrell? Check. Raging passions and sexual tension being violently suppressed? Check. The thing about Sofia Coppola’s work… Continue reading Sunday Stuff, 13/08/17

Sunday Stuff – 02/07/17

Let’s take a break from The Politics and talk about the good stuff, the life fuel – food, books and music. Full Moon Fever, Tom Petty ‘Free Fallin” was the first song I ever taught myself on guitar. It’s ludicrously easy (capo on the third fret and the chord pattern D-G-G-D-A) but aged 12, I… Continue reading Sunday Stuff – 02/07/17

Sunday Seven, 14/05/17

Things I’ve loved and learned in the last few weeks… Body To Ground EP, Hollie Rogers God damn, this woman can sing. And write. I’m sort of biased because Drummer Boy, erm, drums for her, so I’ve been to a fair few of her gigs now, and she’s rehearsed in our studio (we say studio,… Continue reading Sunday Seven, 14/05/17

Sunday Stuff, 09/04/17

The books: Spoiled Brats, Simon Rich. I find it hard to believe I haven’t written about Simon Rich before, but a very brief search tells me I haven’t. Apologies if I’m mistaken, however. Rich has written for Saturday Night Live, The New Yorker, and Pixar (he worked on the delightful Inside Out), so his comedy-writing… Continue reading Sunday Stuff, 09/04/17

The Saturday Six: fighting the Anxiety Goblin

It’s been another anxious week or two – panic curling its fingers round my neck at unexpected times: on the train to work, at my desk, standing in the flat talking to Drummer Boy. It’s like living with a goblin (the anxiety, not DB) – a horrid little creature that likes to pop up just… Continue reading The Saturday Six: fighting the Anxiety Goblin

The Sunday Seven: 17/04/16

Vinyl. I’m not going to lie to you: I started watching this because I’m obsessed with Olivia Wilde’s face, no other reason. I’ve actually started following her make-up artist on Instagram just to get maximum Wilde coverage. Anyway, VINYL: in terms of pure cool, the series racked up an impressive set of credentials before it… Continue reading The Sunday Seven: 17/04/16

The Sunday Seven: 13/03/2016

First up, it’s the Sali Hughes & India Knight radio show (that’s the latest one), on the lovely Soho Radio. Pool columnist/Guardian beauty writer/all-round good egg Sali Hughes and Times columnist and novelist India Knight present a monthly show (live every fourth Thursday from 10am-12pm, but for those of us who have 9-5 gigs, available… Continue reading The Sunday Seven: 13/03/2016

Just checking in…

I haven’t blogged (eurgh, it’s still a terrible verb) for ages, mainly because Quite A Few Things Happened at the end of 2015. Work stuff, a minor car accident*, a poorly-timed flat move, and then Christmas, and a countryside break that had been planned long before any of the above. Returning to work today, and… Continue reading Just checking in…

What to do with your free time…

…if you still have any. I can’t remember the last time I fell as completely and utterly in love with a film as I did with Mud, which I saw on Wednesday evening. It certainly wasn’t the last time I made it to the cinema, to see Les Miserables – the only bit of which… Continue reading What to do with your free time…