Changing the agenda

I don’t listen to the Today programme anymore – I did for a while, and when I’ve got the hang of leaping out of bed on the dot of 6am rather than hitting snooze five times and eventually stumbling into the shower at 6.20, I daresay I will again – but I was quite intrigued*… Continue reading Changing the agenda

A lonely pelican in a camel enclosure

  In her light-hearted take on positive discrimination in the workplace*, Caitlin Moran wrote that when women are the office minority, they can start to feel like pelicans in a camel enclosure at the zoo: “the camels can’t help but look at the pelican beaks oddly, and go off and do ‘camel things’ in the… Continue reading A lonely pelican in a camel enclosure

“Carrie, Moss! The first scene in Carrie!”

When I first wrote this – last night, after a good half-bottle of Rioja – it was a different post. I’ve since started the Merlot, and sort of  changed my mind. Or rather, I’ve simply decided which bit of the fence to sit on. Proving once again that Bristol is the best city in the… Continue reading “Carrie, Moss! The first scene in Carrie!”