About me

It’s only taken me five years of having a blog to realise I should probably share some personal information, in the form of an “about me” page.

My day job: I look after the web content and social media for a small company in the DIY/property & construction sector.

I write in other places when I’m not at work:

On Weinstein and ‘not all men’

On the utter magic of live music

On Brexit

On weddings

On quitting

On marriage

I have a boyfriend who is referred to as Drummer Boy, or DB, because that’s what he does.

We live in Hove with our Springer spaniel pup Noodle, whose hyperactivity and penchant for chewing, well, everything, has temporarily cured me of any broodiness I was experiencing.


Favourite things: bookshops, coffee, dogs, cheese, live music, baking, feminism, eyeliner, stripes, tulips, observational comedy, hats, Twitter.

Least-favourite things: rain, slugs, snails and slimy creatures, mushrooms and green tea.

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